Who We Are

Music expresses the unutterable.  Perhaps in a very immediate way, pianos in particular allow us to express the utterly profound.  I am therefore devoted to providing the craftsman level of professional service in the region that allows all piano owners - amateur to professional - to have their piano calibrated to the highest and most precise level to enable perfect expression in terms of tune, full dynamic range, voicing, and appearance.

Do I have a Life outside of Pianos?

With over 2000 clients and 8am-6pm days, that is a fair question!  The answer is yes!  I'm married to my best friend Janice with whom I have 5 lovely children.  In my spare time, I am a classical cantor at a local Lutheran church, composing liturgical music for choirs, instrumentalists, and pipe organ.  We run the kids back and forth to choir practice and piano lessons, and I even find time to pursue my personal dual passions of beekeeping and baking fine pizzas.  Interests include classical pedagogy, and all things Bach.

                    Yours truly playing the Allegro from William Felton's Concerto in D....