Quotes "Mark's care of our new Yamaha C5x grand piano is outstanding. Today he filed and voiced the hammers, and it sounds wonderful; so clear and resonant right up through the top register! I feel like I have my Yamaha back! Mark demonstrates great skill and knowledge of the mechanics of the instrument. We enjoy his professional demeanour and his efficient, timely service, and his efforts to help us establish a yearly budget that meets our demanding concert and festival requirements at the church." Quotes
Terry English
Music Director - Knox Presbyterian Church, Waterloo ON

Quotes Mark Veenman of Apollo Piano has been servicing both my pianos for many years now and I constantly recommend him to all my students. In this "disposable" age, it is an absolute marvel to see the skill and superior craftsmanship Mark consistently displays. He was recently in to give my Yamaha C3 Grand a tune up (realigning blow distance and hammer line, filing of hammers, voicing, cleaning). In addition to teaching, I also compose and record for commercial sale, and my grand HAS to sound absolutely perfect. I do not record in a sound booth, and sound editing after recording cannot replicate the crystal clear, bright, and vibrant sound of playing/recording live on a beautiful instrument. Mark has restored that sound on my grand brilliantly, even better than when it was brand new, and I can?t wait to get back to recording. His rates, online booking service, craftsmanship, and personality.....I wouldn't trust anyone else to touch my grand! Quotes
Karen Moore

Quotes "As a high-level craftsman and field technician, Mark's skill and proficiency in identifying and solving underlying regulation and tonal issues in performance level instruments are unrivalled in Waterloo. The projection, clarity, and sustain of my grand piano are astounding. Highly recommended!" Quotes
Dr. Marcus W. Scholtes
Wilfrid Laurier University

Quotes "Thank-you, Mark, for your skill and professionalism in preparing our Yamaha C7 semi-concert grand for the Ontario Vocal Festival. Wow, does the piano ever sing when you're done!" Quotes
Mr. R. Stalder
Galt Collegiate Institute

Quotes "I am very pleased to have Mr. Veenman servicing the more than thirty pianos at the Beckett School of Music, Art and Drama. His attention to detail, timely service and pleasant demeanour make Apollo Piano Service a valued part of our Beckett School drive for excellence. All the best in our new season." Quotes
Bill Labron
President, Beckett School of Music and Art

Quotes Mark Veenman of Apollo Piano has been tuning pianos for the Cambridge Kiwanis Boys Choir as well as Avenue Road Baptist Church for over ten years. His work has always been of top quality. He is very knowledgeable about the many aspects of tuning and maintaining pianos in good working order. We most highly recommend Mark for tuning and servicing pianos. Quotes
James Kropf
Director, Cambridge Kiwanis Boys' Choir

Quotes "Hi Mark. Just finished playing my U7 after today's full regulation, hammer filing, voicing, and tuning. Wow. It sounds absolutely stunning! As I remember it when my folks bought it for my sister and me about 1976. Thank you for looking after it for me, and for the fantastic service." Quotes
Susan Taves
Waterloo ON

Quotes I was pleasantly surprised to receive an automated message within my Inbox the other day. PIANOcal was reminding me to book my next tuning. In the past you have always serviced my baby grand with care and expertise, but occasionally, we both got caught up in 'telephone tag'. I was really impressed with the quick and easy flow of this on-line booking system. Within a couple minutes, I had chosen my own day and time and received a confirmation. I wasn't subject to long distance charges, as I was in the past when I would call the office directly, and I didn't have to wait for a reply when the time suited one. I can see that this new system should allow busy people another quick and painless way to schedule their tuning and get confirmation quickly. Top drawer!! This could just be what the doctor ordered for busy people, and those that now do most things on-line in their lives.... Quotes
Mark Jordan
Piano Owner

Quotes Booking with Apollo Piano's online booking system could not have been easier. The e-mail booking invitation took me with a single click to my complete record, where I could simply select the services I needed, and click on the calendar to choose the time that suited me and my church's schedule best. I loved that I could see all the available options and make a decision without the pressure of comparing calendars and discussing options while on the phone. Plus, I could do it at a time that was convenient for me, not when the phone happened to ring. The record also allowed me to see exactly when each piano was last serviced, and the service schedule for each one. Not only am I impressed with the ease of using Mark's online booking system, it also feels great to know that my technician is doing all he can to keep his own costs of travel and down-time to a minimum! I wish booking all my appointments was this fast, simple, and convenient. Quotes
Heidi Gallas
Director of Music - Redeemer Lutheran Church, Waterloo

Quotes I have used Apollo Piano Tuning for years and have always been really pleased with the workmanship and services. Now, though it's even better! I love the online booking option! I found booking online to be very easy and convenient. I loved being able to look at the calendar and picking a date that was good for me. As a busy mom of 3 and full time teacher I found it great that there was no more phone tag back and forth trying to set a time. The online process was easy to follow and even sent me a confirmation! Thanks for making a great service even better! Quotes
Donni Jamieson
Music Teacher