We are proud of our collaboration with top rebuilders in St. Joseph de Beauce, Quebec. For complete rebuilds, we’ve teamed up with Christian and Catherine at Bolduc to offer unrivalled, world-class rebuilding services in South-Western Ontario. From initial assessment, consultations, cartage, to full rebuild in the Bolduc Factory and delivery of the finished product, we agonize over every detail of the rebuilding process.

Bolduc is recognized world-wide as a top producer of exceptional pinblocks, soundboards, and all wood products related to the piano building and rebuilding craft. The Beauce region in which their products are sourced provides excellent growing conditions for consistent tight wood rings, and Bolduc’s careful milling, cutting, and conditioning of the wood provides the best raw material for our rebuilds. We would settle for nothing but the very best for our clients. You can check out their fascinating company at pianosbolduc.com

Contact us today to have your heirloom piano assessed for its viability and eligibility for a complete restoration.