Out of chaos, order - this is our mission in the piano world because it's exactly what we do. Whether tuning, regulating the intricate inner-machinations of the action, voicing, or completely rebuilding, a finely-tuned, well-voiced, and well-calibrated piano brings beauty and order back into your performances and practice. 


We accept payment by Debit, Credit Card, Cheque, or Cash.  

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“As a high-level craftsman and field technician, Mark’s skill and proficiency in identifying and solving underlying regulation and tonal issues in performance level instruments are unrivalled in Waterloo.”
— Dr. Marcus W. Scholtes, Music Dept. Wilfrid Laurier University

Services We Offer


Fine Tuning

Standard tuning to A440 for a regularly-serviced piano in good repair. Includes pedal adjustment, plate bolt adjustments, and assessment.

$145 +HST

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Historical Temperaments

We offer a wide range of historical temperaments for the historical enthusiast. Ranging from a pythagorean tuning, to mediæval meantone temperaments, to the best of the baroque well-temperaments, we're excited to explore and offer these exciting historical solutions. While recognizing the practicality and utility of equal temperament, we are not unsympathetic to those bemoaning the loss of pure tuning brought on by equal temperament. If you're ready to embrace the warmth and texture of pre-enlightenment temperaments, these are for you:

I-IV syntonic meantone; Bremmer EBVT 1,2, and 3; Broadwood Best; Coleman 11 & 16; FiskII; Harald Vogel I-V comma meantone; Kellner; KirnbergerIII; Lehmann-Bach; Mersenne-Chaumont; Rouseau French Standard; Stanhope I-III comma; Stanhope equal beating; Thomas Young#1; Vallotti Well (1750); Valotti-Young Well; WerkmeisterIII

$160 plus HST


Interior Cleaning

Our interior cleaning service is very thorough: we remove the action, the keys, and clean all accessible parts, including the action cavity, the cast-iron plate, the keybed, the mechanical action and even underneath a grand piano's strings. Make your piano look new again!

Uprights: $145 plus HST | Grands: $160 plus HST